Linseed Gold Stock Finish
Lemon Oil Stock Finish
  • A unique blend of Linseed Oil, Pore Fillers
    and Petroleum Distillates to provide a
    durable hard finish, not found in other
  • Features a quadruple boiled and filter
    process for one of the purest and most
    durable oil finishes.
  • Drys FAST! to a glowing luster with a richer
    darker finish
  • Does NOT raise grain.
  • Penetrates Wood to seal out moisture
  • Natural Oils Helps enrich and enhance
    the natural grain of woods.
  • No Grain Yellowing or clouding
  • No Varnishes or Polyurethane
  • Low Sheen
  • Fills pores to a deep penetration.

Did you know......
Lemon Oil was used by the U.S. Government in World
War II to impregnate cardboard cartons to retain
gasoline for months, freeing metals for more
important uses.
Feedback on Lemon Oil Stock Finish from field test
conducted by members of Quails Unlimited.

Edwin M Fletcher of Kershaw, S.C. reports
"Easy to use and achieve the color you need on
a stock"

Kelle Watford of Lamar, S.C. writes "The
preparation time of an old stock and forearm
doesn't take as long with this product as it has
with others.  I would highly recommend this
product to other people"
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Feedback on Linseed Oil Stock Finish and Gun and
Reel Oil from field test conducted by members of
Quails Unlimited.

M.L. "Mickey" Singer of Kenwood, CA says "I
recently came into possession of a very old
Winchester, Model 67, 22 caliber rifle in poor
condition with various rustspots on metal and an
old fishing reel of dubious origin, and in bad
shape.  These were perfect specimens for
testing these products.  The rifle is now in my
gun rack and the reel has a new owner.  
Needless to say these products work well on
both subjects."

Richard E Clark of Noble, IL writes "the ease of
application is the most positive asset of this
Golden Bore
Lemon Oil Stock Finish - 2 Oz Bottle
No longer available in 16 ounce
Golden Bore
Linseed Oil Stock Finish - 2 Oz Bottle
No longer available in 16 ounce
Golden Bore
Linseed Oil Stock Finish - 4 Oz Bottle
No longer available in 16 ounce
Birchwood Casey Tru Oil
Its unique blend of linseed and natural oils dries fast and will not
cloud yellow or crack with age and resists water damage
TRU-OIL Gun Stock Finish penetrates deeply and forms a tough clear
hard finish that protects and enhances the beauty of fine wood
Available in 4, 8 and 32 ounce bottles
4 &16 Oz. Size Discontinued
Stocking 2 Oz. Size
While Supplies Last.
Now, how to finish off these handsome
hardwood grips, handles or stocks? I used
"Linseed Gold" stock finish from Golden Bore.
Its use couldn't be simpler. Wipe on a thin
coat with a piece of lint free cloth and allow it
to dry. Scuff off the surface with 0000 steel
wool before re-applying. The number of coats
will vary depending upon the porosity of the
wood. I applied five coats of finish and then
used steel wool to produce a soft,
non-reflective luster.
Finishing Tips
Gun Sav'r
HUNTER  Satin - 13 ounce aerosol #641-20
The fast dry time helps reduce dust pick-up which can ruin a perfect
gloss finish. It is currently available in a 20oz aerosol can and a 9 oz
liquid can.
Gun Sav'r
HUNTER Satin - 9 ounce can #641-9
Gun Sav'r
Pro Custom Oil Gunstock Finish
9 Ounce Can #642A