Golden Bore brand  Premium Slide and Action Lubricant
with MazivoMax70
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  • Our Premium Bolt, Slide and Action Lubricant is uniquely
    different than many other types of lubricants you have ever seen
    or used on your firearm.  It contains MazivoMax70, a graphite
    infused compound of unique and hard to find chemicals
    formulated to work on all semi auto weapons as well as revolvers,
    bolt, slide action and other firearms. Goes on easy and drys to
    resist, wet and dirt adhering to your weapon.

  • Designed to withstand operating temperatures from -110F to
    1050F and pressures to 100,000 PSI without failing making it ideal
    for operation in the harshest climates.

  • Superior to petroleum based gun oils which will gum and leave dirt
    and fouling deposits on your firearm making it ideal for the
    discerning shooter.

  • This makes it ideal for use in Snow, Sleet, Rain, Mud, Salt Air,
    Desert Heat, etc. Protection from Finger and Surface Rust, Will
    not trap Dirt and Dust Adherence and still provide you with
    optimum firearms operation. Reduces surface wear as it protects.
    Also works well on Locks, Fishing Reels and other devices
    needing lubrication.

  • Do not apply on existing oil or grease.  Clean off any existing
    lubricant first then apply the Premium Slide and Action Lubricant.

  • UPC 715188991154  14 Ounce Spray Can - 6 Cans/Case
  • 50 State Compliant - No restrictions
  • Ideal for long term storage of metal products