History of Golden Bore Gun Care Products  
In 1966, I founded a small gun shop in Highspire, Pennsylvania titled "Terry Mrakovich Co." The Fall of 1969  brought the need for expansion of the gun shop and
answering the demand for a line of quality firearm lubricants, which did not exist,  we developed
Golden Bore Guncare Products. We quickly expanded operations
and were forced to move to neighboring  Middletown, PA. where we were housed in a section of the old Wincroft Stove Works building. 1973 brought the demand
for a new business name,  "MULTISPORTS  International, Inc." due to selling items other than gun care. With this new name, brought the expansion our oils and
cleaners including the introduction of 6 oz spray cans and larger size bottles.
The Three Mile Island Nuclear accident occured just a few miles from our office in March 1979.  We chose to investigate moving our operations out of the area for
safety reasons and finally chose  Coral Springs, Florida, with the final move at the beginning of 1980.  
The mid-90's brought yet another business name change to Termark International, Inc.  This new name brought about organizational changes, switching from a
Florida to Wyoming corporation and moving with the corporate office to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
In 2004, We returned corporate control to Florida and formed the  Susquehanna Group, L.L.C. (a Florida L.L.C.) acquired the Golden Bore Guncare Products line
from the former Termark International, Inc.  Susquehanna's acquisition necessitated some non-productive products to be discontinued due to low sales or
changes in laws governing chemical compositions used, etc.. The new management chose to allow some operations to remain  in Cheyenne, WY. with Sales and
management returning to Coral Springs, Florida where it remains today.  
Today, we continued to improve and update the Golden Bore line, as well as add products from other domestic vendors which are currently in demand.

Our client base comprises of gun dealers, pawn shops, gunsmiths and  Federal, State and local governments.

Terry L Mrakovich, PhD, CPP, PSP, CFOT, VVA Life Member - (U.S. Navy)
Golden Bore Guncare Products are protected by United States Trademark Registration #1,139,363, awarded in 1979 and Pennsylvania trademark  first issued in 1969.
Today, Golden Bore Products continues to be an operating unit of the Susquehanna Group, LLC. a diverse company.
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Golden Bore
in Gun Week
Circa 1974
Our First Shop
Winter, 1969
Highspire, PA
Home of Golden Bore
Gun Oil
Circa 1970
We relocated across the street because our office
building was demolished
Our new home was in the side section of a
bicycle shop at
140 South Union St.
Middletown, PA 17057
Margate, Florida
Warehouse #1
Offerings of
Golden Bore Guncare Products
Circa 2000

Margate, Florida
Warehouse #2
141 South Union St., Middletown, PA. 17057
A few 1969-71  Newspaper Ads
in Middletown Press and Journal
140 South Union St. Middletown, PA
Beside the Bicycle Shop
Coral Springs, Florida
Corporate Offices
Current Advertising
In Trade Publications
Circa 1970
Cheyenne, Wyoming Operations Center
30 North Gould St, Suite #R
Sheridan, WY 82801
Starting in the basement of our home, we
quickly outgrew our location and moved
later to Middletown, PA.