Golden Bore Foul Free II Bore and Breach Cleaner
  • Designed to remove the toughest Carbon, Lead, Black
    Powder and Copper Foulings from your firearm.

  • Contains No Chlorinated Solvents , Petroleum Distillates or
    Ozone Depleting Chemicals like others.

  • Safe and effective on most surfaces. Always test in a hidden
    location planned use on painted surfaces, rubber and some
    plastics before commencing any cleaning.

  • New and Improved Formula proves gun cleaning does not
    have to smell to work!

  • Used by Federal Law Enforcement and other governmental
    agencies to maintain their weapons.

  • UPC #715188901154  - 17 Ounce Spray Can - 12 per Case
  • Made with pride in the United States of America

  • Not for sale in CA; CO; DE; RI; NH; NY or UT ;  nor any state
    that has adopted the 2020 VOC Restriction model rule.
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