#808 - Jumbo Cleaning Swab - Rayon Tipped - 8" - Non-sterile over
sized applicator with cotton tip and paper shaft. 10 Pcs per bag
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#821 Double Ended Swab , 6" One Side Tapered, One Side Regular,
100 pcs to a bag
Photo Similar to the one above
#872 Double Ended Swab, 3" One Side Tapered, One Sided Regular
Not a regularly stocked item - Special Orders ONLY
#876-WC Single Ended, Wooded Handle, 6" Cotton Tab, 100 Swabs
per bag
16" long handle- Jumbo Cleaning Swabs - Polypropylene & Rayon -
Bag 5 or 10  - Great for cleaning any rifle, AR-15 or shotgun action.
#1605-PSF - Packed 10 Pcs to a plastic bag
•Foam tip swabs are made from medical grade polyurethane foam
with 100 ppi (pores per square inch) - shred resistant to stand up to
the toughest scrubbing. Soft, non-abrasive and lint free.
•Foam swabs open-cell structure gives the best solvent holding
capacity of any style of swab. These swabs are free of adhesives or
binders that could contaminate your process.
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