6-1022        Ruger 10-22
36-AK47        AK-47
36-AR10        AR-10
36-AR15-GY        AR-15 Grey
36-AR15-BK        AR-15
36-AR15-OD        AR-15 Olive Drab
36-AR-CA        AR 15 Cut Away
36-FNFAL        FN-FAL
36-HKMP5        Heckler & Koch MP5
36-M14        M14 (M1A)
36-M1-CARB        M1 Carbine
36-M1GAR-BK        M1 Garand
36-M1GAR-OD        M1 Garand OD
36-MAUSER        Mauser K98
36-MINI14        Ruger Mini 14
36-MOSIN        Mosin Nagant
36-MOSS        Mossberg Shotgun
36-REM700        Remington 700
36-REM870        Remington 870
36-SIG556        Sig Sauer 556
36-SKS                   SKS
36-TMLOGO-GY  TekMat Logo Grey
17-GLOCK           Glock
17-1911-GY      1911 Grey
17-1911-CA     1911 Cut Away
17-1911            1911
17-BER92        Beretta 92
17-BER-PX4    Beretta PX 4 Storm
17-BROWNHP Browning Hi Power
17-CZ75                 CZ-75
17-GLOCK            Glock
17-GLOCK-CA      Glock Cut Away
17-GLOCK-42-43   Glock 42 and 43
17-GLOCK-G4          Glock Gen4
17-GLOCK-G4-GY   Glock Gen4 Grey
17-HKP30               Heckler & Koch P30
17-HKUSP              Heckler & Koch – USP
17-RUGERLC9       Ruger LC9
17-RUGERLCP       Ruger LCP
17-RUGERMK2       Ruger Mark II
17-RUGERMK3       Ruger Mark III
 NEW     Ruger Mark IV
17-RUGER-SR9        Ruger SR 9 (SR 40)
17-RUGERSR22       Ruger SR22
17-SIG220                 Sig Sauer P220
17-SIG226                 Sig Sauer P226
17-SIG229                 Sig Sauer P229
17-SIG250                 Sig Sauer P250
17-SIGP238               Sig Sauer P238
17-SIGSP2022           Sig Sauer SP2022
17-SIGP320                Sig Sauer P320
17-SWMP                        SW M&P
17-SW-MP-CA            SW M&P Cut Away
17-MP-SHIELD           SW M&P Shield
17-WAL-P99              Walther P99
17-WAL-PPQ             Walther PPQ
17-XD                       Springfield Armory XD
17-XDM                 Springfield Armory XDm
17-XDMOD2 Springfield Armory XD Mod.2
-------------- AND MORE MODELS----------------

Designed in the United States
Imported Product
Copyrighted 2019 - The Susquehanna Group, LLC - d/b/a Golden Bore Gun Care Products - All Rights Reserved
#7076 - 14" x 46" Felted Plastic Backed
Gun Cleaning Mat
#7077 14" x 22" Felted Plastic
Gun Cleaning Mat
- Screen printed exploded view of an AR-15 for easy part identification
- Perfect for cleaning and dissembling firearms
- No-mar, padded neoprene surface protects the firearms finish
- Absorbs oils and solvents keeping surface dry
- Helps keep track of small gun parts
- Rolls up easily to fit in your range box
- Dimentions: 20"x 47
WHEELER #156824