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Birchwood Casey Super Blue - 3 Oz Bottle
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Flitz Polish 150 gr. Tube
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Metal Loop Shop Swabs for Bluing
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Bronze Wool - Single Pad Pack
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Cold Bluing Techniques

There are several cold bluing products available for firearm hobbyists. All require the metal parts to be completely clean. Degreasers and solvents are used to accomplish this.  The metal should look like a shinny Nichol

Once the metal is clean, the bluing agent is applied according to the product instructions.  We recommend using a shop swab. Usually the bluing materials are wiped or dabbed on the metal parts using clean, lint-free cloth. Cold
bluing materials are often applied in multiple passes. Remember - The more times you repeat the process the better the bluing job. This allows the new applications to overlap previous applications and can be used as a tool to
provide a more even and uniform finish. Make as many applications as necessary to reach the color of finish desired.

Once the cold bluing is finished, an oil finish is usually applied

General Gun Bluing Techniques

Either process requires the metal parts to be clean and rust-free. Even fingerprints on the metal can cause irregularities in the final blue finish to the gun.

Handle all materials used in gun bluing with care. All are solvents or acids and can be dangerous if handled improperly. Follow all instructions and safety precautions included with the product packaging. Work in a well-ventilated
area and wear appropriate personal safety gear such as safety glasses and an apron.
Flitz 2# Can
Flitz Mini Scuff
Flitz Microfiber
Polishing Cloth
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Flitz Liquid Polish
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1.76 Ounce Tube
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IOSSO Gun Brite
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If you have never blued a firearm before and you are not sure how to blue a gun please take a
moment and read these instructions.

  • Remove any wood stocks, handles and plastic parts as much as possible to avoid damaging
    these items during the re-bluing process.
  • Remove as much of the existing old bluing and rust as possible; The barrel and action should
    look like a shinny nickel when complete. Always follow the bluing manufacturer's instructions
    when handling and using their product. We recommend you use fine bronze wool, we
    recommend #0000 or fine-grit sandpaper to limit any remaining rust.

  • Put on chemical resistant gloves and eye/face protection when working with any chemical mix

  • Heat the gun or metal object in a warm oven. The heat opens the pores of the metal, resulting
    in better bluing. On a hot, sunny day, the gun might be warmed in the sun instead of the oven.

  • Apply bluing to the area with a cotton swab or dabber. Apply the solution evenly in one pass or
    direction. Apply the bluing in small areas or in minor scratches with toothpicks. Some
    recommend you wipe the area with bronze or steel wool -- after applying the bluing -- to
    feather out or even out the area.

  • Apply the bluing -- and use the steel wool -- four to six times. Continue until the desired look is
    achieved. Several coats are usually required to obtain a dark-dull or black finish.

Apply a quality lubricant to the blued area between coats of bluing if you are not repeating the bluing
in a very short period of time between coats.  Always ensure you lubricate all the blued areas well to
ensure you do not get rust and finger prints to reappear on the weapon.